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Our goal for each video we put out is to make business education fun to watch with high value content that’s easy to digest! Follow along on youtube where we cover everything from editing to marketing to camera gear to backend biz stuff.

Interviewed by Henry Tieu On photography education

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Henry Tieu started a Live Stream series featuring inspiring and educational interviews with wedding and elopement photography industry leaders. We were honored to be one of Henry’s guests and had a blast talking all things elopements with him! In our discussion we cover how we got started in elopement photography, marketing tips, photography gear, and more, wrapping it up with a Q & A from the viewers. Check it out, and then tune in to the rest of the series for more awesome inspo!

Photography gear and other stuff for elopements

Ever wondered what kind of cameras we shoot with? Or what our fav lenses are and how we like to use them for different elopement scenarios? Or what the heck else we bring with us on elopements to prepare for all kinds of things that can happen on adventures? Well in this video we cover all the camera gear AND adventure wedding accessories that we bring with us for adventure elopements! We also created a full list with links to everything we talk about so you can easily add all this pro gear to your adventure kit too 😉

Honeybook: the Best Features and how we use it

Everything you need to know about how to use Honeybook! From our experience, Honeybook is the best CRM (Client Relation Management) software for elopement photographers. In this video we cover all of the best features of Honeybook and how we use it to better our internal client workflow. In this video we cover so many great features – embedding your contact form, creating email templates, using contracts, invoicing, setting up workflows, and more client communication goodness.

How to make money and better your business during covid-19

With all the uncertainty around Covid-19 and the long to-do list we all have as business owners, it’s hard to know where to start. There are just so many things us small business owners could be working on at any given time. What we want to avoid is decision paralysis! So we’ve compiled 2 action plans to help you get focused. These things will set your business up to make some money during the quarantine and leave you in a better place to attract new business when things go back to normal.

Live editing with our elopement presets

A film like edit with punchy contrast and bold, true to life colors. These presets were created, tested, and designed throughout every kind of landscape, lighting situation, weather, and skin tones. The Foxpack is made for photographers looking to preserve the natural colors of the scenery, make their couples pop against the background, and truly bring their images to life.

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