How to make money and better your business during covid-19

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMqMJXGskB0&feature=youtu.be There are two major questions creatives and small business owners are asking themselves right now:1. How do we make money during quarantine?2. What should I be doing now to best set my business up to thrive after quarantine? With all the uncertainty around Covid-19 and the long to-do list we all have as business […]

Best Honeybook Features for Photographers

how to use honeybook for photographers

Honeybook features live demo 50% off your first year and a free email template 6 BEST HONEYBOOK FEATURES FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS We’ve tried and tested many different CRMs, dubsado, tave, studio ninja… but Honeybooks is HANDS DOWN the best for our needs. The interface is clean, friendly, and easy to use. The customer support is incredible […]

How to Become an Elopement Photographer

HOW TO BREAK INTO ADVENTURE WEDDINGS AND ELOPEMENTS With today’s lust for adventure and the great outdoors, adventure weddings and elopements are only growing in popularity and photographers all over the country want to meet that demand. One of our most asked questions from other photographers is “how did you get into elopements?” We had […]