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Fox Film Preset + Modifiers Pack

We developed this preset pack as a filmier, softer, dreamier version of our original Foxpack Preset, and included a robust set of modifiers that we frequently use to dial in our images and give them that extra zhuzh 🤌

We love how these perform in harsher light where there’s a big dynamic range, but have also found ourselves using them on sunset portraits for an extra dreamy look. The modifiers are perfect for honing in the look of these presets to fit your individual style and different types of landscapes.

We’ve made these presets easier to customize than ever. Have fun experimenting and creating!


*Sale until midnight 3/9*

Fox Film

An ultra soft and creamy edit that channels the effortless dynamic range of film. Soft yet punchy and true to color, with chilled out highlights that are never too hot and rich detail in the shadows. 

Portraits look amazing with accurate skin tones and a slightly softened detail to cut the harsh, clinical look digital and modern glass can sometimes create. 

Fox Film Pushed

An elegant boost of contrast and detail to the Fox Film preset. Designed to mimic “pushing” film to get more contrast in your images, that’s exactly what this preset does. For those shots where the light is a little flat, or you just want some extra drama, the Fox Film Pushed is your go to. 

Adding contrast can impact color tones across the spectrum, so we’ve also made some subtle tweaks to retain perfect skin tones and warmth.

13 Modifiers

This is where you can really have fun getting creative with these presets. We find ourselves frequently making a variety of tweaks to images based on different lighting scenarios and landscapes, so we created these custom modifiers to easily dial in the perfect look for every shot. 

We also use a couple masking tricks in many of our photos to add a little extra drama to the scene. Between all these modifiers it’s so easy to experiment with looks and enhance the Film presets.

Before without modifiers, after with modifiers.

Before without modifiers, after with modifiers.

included modifiers

“Golden Globe” Mask: Probably our favorite modifier and one we use often to add drama to photos with a clear light source.

Vignette Mask: A nice and soft vignette to add emphasis to couple portraits.

3 Color Modifiers: Adjust the Greens, Blues, and Reds/Oranges separately or together to get just the right tone in the landscape. Especially useful for getting perfect greens in forests, reds in deserts, and blues in the mountains, coast, and sky.

5 Mood Modifiers: Easily tweak the contrast, saturation, and overall tone warmth/coolness by just the right amount to fine tune the look and feel of each photo.

3 Detail Modifiers: Soften images and adjust the amount of grain to find the perfect amount of “filminess.”

Watch us use this preset pack

This video is part tutorial, part a look into our editing process and how we we like to use these presets and modifiers. 


What kind of camera types work with these presets?

These presets were created with Sony mirrorless file types, and have been tested and modified to work with Nikon, Canon, Fuji with both mirrorless and DSLR.

What programs do these presets work with?

These presets and modifiers work with Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), Photoshop, and Adobe Lightroom Mobile as long as you have an Adobe subscription to one of these programs. 

Do these presets work with the free Lightroom Mobile App?

You will not be able to import these presets to Adobe Lightroom Mobile without a subscription to Adobe Lightroom CC (or Classic).

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital product downloads, there are no refunds.

I'm having trouble installing, what do I do?

Fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll be in touch shortly to help.

Get both Foxpack Presets in a Bundle

Snag the original Foxpack Preset Pack (3 color presets, 1 B&W preset, and 2 brushes) with the Fox Film Presets together and save $49.


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happy editing!