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We’ve tried and tested many different CRMs, dubsado, tave, studio ninja… but Honeybooks is HANDS DOWN the best for our needs. The interface is clean, friendly, and easy to use. The customer support is incredible and often makes any feature recommendations you have a priority for adding to their software. Our clients love using it and always comment on how “pro” it feels. And it saves us a world of headache when trying to keep track of all our communications, messages, photos, questionnaires, contracts, and invoices. It’s the best! And here are our 6 favorite honeybook features for our business.

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Pro tip: The stages for you pipeline are customizable. We added stages for a second followup, a meeting, limbo (for when we’re waiting to hear back after our meeting), planning, send questionnaire, send timeline, and send feedback questionnaire.


Your Honeybook (HB) pipeline is where all your inquiries are tracked from beginning to end. When you’ve completed one stage with a client, the project can be moved to the next stage. For example, after you’ve replied to an inquiry, the project will be moved from “Inquiry” to “Follow Up”. You are able to click on specific stages to view the projects that are currently in that stage. Having these stages makes it so much easier to keep track of each couple that you interact with throughout the entire inquiry, booking, planning, and delivery processes.


One of our favorite Honeybook features is the ability to create a contact form in HB and embed it directly into our website. By doing this, every inquiry we get from our website is automatically logged into our HB account and a new project for that inquiry is created. This saves us an incredible amount of time since we don’t have to do any manual data entry. It also tracks data, like how the couples first heard of us, that we can run reports on.
Pro tip: If you already have templates for anything, send them to HB when you first sign up and they will copy everything over into your HB templates for you. This saves EVEN MORE time!


You can create templates for literally everything. Invoices, contracts, proposals, questionnaires, emails – anything that you end up sending to multiple clients can be created into a template that’s easy to send to anyone. This saves us so much time with client communication.

Email and workflow templates

Need killer templates for your client workflow? Download our customizable ones!

You’ll learn tips on how to convert more inquiries into successful bookings through effective early communication strategies.


Before Honeybook we’d send our clients a PDF with a bunch of questions on it. Sometimes their replies would get lost in the shuffle, or we’d forget to remind them to fill it out. It was a messy system. With HB’s questionnaires, everything is under their project file so it’s easy to find. You can also send automated email reminders for them to fill it out, one less thing for you to remember to do! We send each client a short feedback questionnaire one week after we’ve delivered their gallery. This feedback is crucial for improving your your service and experience with your couples!

You can create proposal templates that have invoices and contracts in them to send to clients. Contract signing is done online and is easy-peasy. Invoices are easy to create and you can add certain amounts to be billed at certain times for retainer fees and deposits. Invoices can be paid online by credit card or bank transfer, but you can also mark it paid if you receive cash or check. You can even set up auto reminder emails to go out to clients!

Pro tip: At the end of our feedback questionnaire we include a prompt for them to leave a Google and Facebook review. It’s perfect because they’re already in a writing mood and they’ve just reflected on how much they loved their day and working with you!

Pro tip: You can set up the invoice to only accept bank transfers and avoid that pesky 2.9% credit card fee. If a client asks to pay by credit card, you can always make that option available to just them upon request.

Pro tip: We use the scheduling feature to schedule all our client phone calls and skype dates. Every week we open a handful of slots that we’re available to chat and all of our clients (and potential clients) have a link to book one of those slots.


Honeybook’s calendar is easy to use and automatically adds all of your project dates, client meetings, and personal events that you schedule. This saves you the trouble of adding anything to a calendar yourself. It also prevents you from double booking.

HB calendar also syncs up to your gmail and Calendly accounts. This makes it seamless to see all of your important dates and meetings right on your phone.


Honeybook workflows are the ultimate automation timesavers. You can create a workflow to automate an alert to you, an email to the client, or a questionnaire to the client, and set it to go at a specific time. For example, our elopement workflow sends us an automated alert to create a day-of timeline 8 weeks before the project date. Another example is the feedback questionnaire is automatically sent to the client (upon our approval) 5 weeks after the project date.

Bonus Features

The iPhone app lets you access client info on your phone and save things without wifi/data.

Upload your own images to customize project files, add to your templates, or send pictures to clients.

Visit the Honeybook Community to connect with other industry pros, and list or apply for jobs.

Track and analyze data like revenue, outstanding payments, and where leads are coming from.