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How it Started

Just a couple of dirtbags

A (very) long story short -> We met in college at CU Boulder, fell in love, moved to a big city (any Boston people here 👋), got corporate jobs, bought a condo, and entered into that rat race we never thought we would. Life was good, but there was something missing. Our hearts were drawn to adventure, and we aren’t the kind of people who say “no” to our hearts. So we saved up some money, quit our jobs, bought a little trailer, and took the first of what would be many big risks we’d take together. In the summer of 2014 we hit the road to just go climb.

It was “supposed” to be a 6 month long road trip.

Well, that six months turned into permanent lifestyle. Turns out life as a climbing dirtbag is kind of addicting. But in retrospect, the climbing wasn’t even the best part. By taking the leap to follow our passions for travel and climbing, we discovered a whole new passion to get psyched on that would change our lives…

you can do that for a living?

becoming elopement photographers


So obviously we had to start doing some work to keep up this life on the road. Those savings were looong gone after year one. So we started a little photo/video business, making short brand movies for climbing companies. It was getting us by, but just barely. 

And then we got engaged.

We started planning our own wedding and at some point thought, “Hey, what about wedding photography?” It’s seasonal (bonus for dirtbag climbers), there’s lots of work (people always be getting married), and we get to work with cameras. So we became wedding photographers! 

It was great. We were making more money than ever running our own business and we learned a ton about photography, marketing, and working with couples. But as much as we love Uptown Funk (and played it at our own wedding), we knew we didn’t want to keep photographing 150+ people break it down on dance floors every weekend.

When we heard about elopements, everything changed.

We never imagined

our jobs could
look like this

How we grew

The Foxes

Back then, elopements were just this cool thing that cool wedding photographers sometimes booked. You couldn’t charge as much for them and you were lucky if a couple contacted you who wanted to elope. At least that’s what everyone thought. 

But the thought of photographing elopements got us excited like nothing before. This was perfect for us! It incorporated our love for travel and adventure in the outdoors and it was so much more intimate and heartfelt. We could work in national parks instead of venues and photograph epic sunsets instead of wild dance parties. 

So we went all in on elopements. Our marketing, our website, our packages – we changed everything to focus solely on elopements. We had found our calling. 

The next year, we booked more elopements than weddings. And the year after that, we photographed 100% elopements and earned a six figure income – more than we ever earned working our corporate jobs back in Boston.

That felt goooood. The elopement industry has taken off since then and if there was ever any doubt about how much work there is in this niche, it’s long gone. We recently grew our photography team and collectively we photograph 100+ elopements per year. There are SO MANY couples eloping. 

Where we are now


Over the years, we’ve been contacted by photographers about mentor sessions and education, but until recently we held back. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to help. We just felt like we still had so much to learn and perfect in our own business and we wanted to make sure that when we did start educating, it would be freakin’ next level amazing. We just aren’t the kind of people to do anything less than 110%. But the time has come…

we are so ready to help you become a wildly successful elopement photographer!

Breaking into elopements, planning elopements, marketing to  adventurous couples, SEO, finances, photographing couples in landscapes…we can’t wait to spill all our best secrets to elopement photographer success with you. We’ve seen first hand how many couples are eloping these days and it’s farrr more than we could ever shoot ourselves (we get 100+ inquiries/month!). Sure, it’s competitive. But don’t let that discourage you because more and more couples are eloping every year and there is no better time than now to jump into this awesome career. 

So with that said, thanks for dropping by. We look forward to helping you realize the dream job! 

Just a couple o' goofs

Cuz education
should be fun

so that's our success story


Whether you’re an amateur photographer interested in shooting elopements, a wedding photographer looking to break into elopements, or an elopement photographer wanting to level-up your business, we’re stoked to help fuel your journey with the most valuable things we’ve learned on ours. You so got this! And if you still don’t believe this is the best job in the world, just keep scrolling and see how much fun we have on a typical “day at the office.”

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